Aspartame Causes Cancer

Aspartame Initiated Tumor On Rat

Circled Tumor

“My Aspartame Experiment” by Victoria Inness-Brown is still one of the most thought provoking pieces of information about Aspartame available on the Internet.

The FDA and Aspartame manufacturers have spent millions trying to dispel the notion that Aspartame causes cancer yet one sincere and responsible student working on a none-existent budget was able to blow all their high priced positive spin out of the water.

If you’re here click on the link and read Victoria’s Experiment.  Then, if you still think there is no connection between Aspartame laced diet soda and cancer open a can and swig it down.

Please read your labels very carefully on everything in a wrapper and watch for its evil twin name labeled as a “natural sweetener” called AminoSweet. The Japanese manufacturer’s aim is to hide the fact its “aspartame”. The new name does not make it a better product it just confuses the consumer more! Aspartame is also known as Neotame and AminoSweet.

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